The Death and Resurrection Show

 “The Death And Destruction Show” is a feature-length documentary on the legendary UK Band Killing Joke' and their singer Jaz Coleman. The film has been painstakingly put together and is the most complete Killing Joke story ever put on film. Killing Joke rose to fame in the late 70s and early 80s in Britain hot on the heels of punk rock. Championed by legendary DJ John Peel and noted for controversial yet ironic imagery and punch-ups with journalists who didn’t get it. Their music followed the punk explosion around the world picking up a determined cult following that still brings around a quarter million people out to their live tours today. The band went through numerous internal conflicts and line-up changes, the only two constant members being Jaz Coleman (vocals, keyboards and arrangements) and Geordie Walker (guitar) RIP. 

Killing Joke have innovated, amazed, shocked and repulsed throughout their careers, creating an influence that has stretched throughout the industry from Metalica, Ministry, and Nirvana to Nigel Kennedy, and Jimmy Page. The film boxes together three decades of archive footage with two decades of never-before-seen new documentary footage and unprecedented access to the members of Killing Joke, their management, music producers, industry figures and associates.

A co-production with underground British indie Coffee Films and Killing Joke frontman Jaz Coleman. The film explores the progression of the band and their music; the in-fights, splits, reformations, legal tussles and side projects into classical and trance music, but it also delves deep into the other side of Killing Joke and its core members. Brought together by a ritual ceremony performed in London, the 30-year experience that followed saw them constantly experimenting with the ritual, esoteric and mystical in their lives and their music.

The film was shot across six continents with artists including Killing Joke, Jimmy Page, Dave Grohl, Alex Paterson, Chris Kimsey, Nigel Kennedy, and Peter Hook, the film premiered at a sold-out NFT1 and was widely acclaimed by critics and film festivals. Famously described as "the sound of the earth vomiting" there isn't another band, or music documentary, in the world like this one.

Co-Production: ilC Productions & Coffee Films UK
Producers: Shaun Pettigrew & Steve Piper
Director: Shaun Pettigrew
Cinematography: Shaun PEttigrew, Hobe
Sundance TV Network & IndieRights Films 2020