Shaun Pettigrew
Shaun is a multifaceted professional encompassing roles as Director/Producer, Cinematographer, and Photographer originally from the UK and based in New Zealand. He works within the global digital content landscape, serving clients ranging from global ad agencies to musicians, networks, and film production companies. With an impressive two-decade tenure, Shaun has consistently delivered outstanding content and impactful imagery.

Awards for his commercial photography include D&AD, Top 200 Photographers Worldwide, Communications Art, Cannes, London, Hong Kong, Singapore and New York Advertising Shows. His images have appeared in the International Photography Awards (IPA) Magazine, D&AD Book, Communication Arts, Shots Magazine, I-D Magazine, Japan GQ Magazine, Wire Magazine and Condé Nast Publications.

His short films and documentaries have garnered recognition at festivals worldwide, including the Avant Art Festival, British & Dutch Film Institutes, Braunschweig, Cinecity, Indielisboa, Rokumentti, Sensoria, In-Edit, Sheffield, and the New Zealand International Film Festivals. His directing debut feature documentary and co-production with Coffee Films UK  called 'The Death and Resurrection Show' is described as stunning in intensity, a sprawling complex and enthralling work on UK band Killing Joke. 

Shaun thrives on passion, exploration and motivation, advocating for fresh perspectives to craft innovative stories. His work has received acclaim at prestigious events such as the Vienna Short Film Festival Awards and the New Zealand International Film Awards. 

Bitter & Twisted Film Production

Bitter & Twisted is a multi-disciplinary film and content production team based in Auckland, New Zealand that's focused on expertly crafting your story. With a dedicated team including a Producer, DP, food stylist, decorator, motion graphics and editor working from conceptualization, direction, and shooting, to finished post-production.

Fish Food from Sea to Table, a seafood adventure from rural Taitung on the east coast of Taiwan to Taipei City.