Shaun Pettigrew

Shaun is a multifaceted artist, director/producer, cinematographer, and photographer working in the digital content creation, serving clients ranging from global ad agencies to musicians, broadcast networks, and film production companies. Skills include research, production, post-production, directing, scripting, camera work, field directing, multi-camera directing, photography and project development, with an impressive two-decade tenure Shaun thrives on passion, exploration and motivation, and has garnered recognition at festivals worldwide, including the British & Dutch Film Institutes, Braunschweig, Cinecity, Indielisboa, Rokumentti, Sensoria, In-Edit, Sheffield, and the New Zealand International Film Festivals. His directing debut feature documentary and co-production with UK Coffee Films called 'The Death and Resurrection Show' is described as stunning in intensity, a sprawling complex and enthralling work on UK band Killing Joke. Awards for his videography & photography include D&AD, Top 200 Photographers Worldwide, Communications Art, Cannes, London, Hong Kong, Singapore and New York Advertising Shows. His images have appeared in the International Photography Awards (IPA) Magazine, D&AD Book, Communication Arts, I-D Magazine, Japan GQ, UK Guardian, Wire Magazine and Cond√© Nast Publications. 

Bitter & Twisted is a multi-disciplinary Film and Content production team based in Auckland, New Zealand, focused on expertly crafting stories with a dedicated team working from conceptualization, art direction, shooting, audio, and post-production to delivery.

Fish from Sea to Table, Taiwanese seafood adventures from rural Taitung to Taipei City.