Orlando Beltrán & El Banquet Del Bronx

Everywhere he goes, Orlando Beltrán brings with him a pair of surgical gloves. This is his commitment to any street resident who requires medical help, anytime and anywhere. He has made it his mission to the homeless, getting water, soap and medicine to cure the needy. Orlando is particularly concerned about the children of drug addicts on the street, as they are most vulnerable to these influences and are entrenched in the cycle of poverty and street crime. While others may see him as a guardian angel for street dwellers, he sees them as his angels, providing motivation and inspiration for what he does daily. Orlando sees the need for this commitment as there are between 800-1000 homeless who live on the streets today. To address this issue, he established the foundation “The Banquet of the Bronx” to help inhabitants in extreme street situations throughout Colombia.

Client: El Banquete Del Bronx
Production Co: Mooi
Director/Dp: Shaun Pettigrew, Alex Sow