Spokes Hub

Baraah Luhaid the co-founder of Spokes Hub in Dhahran, a platform for her love of cycling. Saudi Arabia's first gender-inclusive cycling community

El Banquete del Bronx

El Banquete del Bronx is a charity to help and feed the homeless in Bogota, Colombia run by Orlando Beltran.


A Short film about family and domestic violence in New Zealand.

Taro Farmer’s tale

Taro Farmer's story Filmed on Mangai Island, Cook Islands in the Pacific during a full solar eclipse.

Documentary shot in London, Prague for Universal Music, featuring performances and interviews with the Prague Symphony Orchestra, Nigel Kennedy, Jaz Coleman, John Densmore and Ray Manzarek of the Doors. Vienna & Berlin Short Film Festival.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Documentary shot in Morocco, Paris and London's East End for Point Music & Decca Music Group that combines the ancient sounds of the Master Musicians of Jajouka with composer, producer, DJ, club promoter, and tabla player, Talvin Singh.